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Harley-Davidson Factory Security System Installation Kit

Harley-Davidson Factory Security System Installation Kit


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Equip your Harley-Davidson Touring model with the security system designed and approved by The Harley-Davidson Motor Company. When armed, the Security System disables the starter and ignition while monitoring the electrical system and vehicle motion with adjustable sensitivity, Minor disturbances trigger a momentary warning; major ones an unbroken thirty-second alarm, after which the Security System returns to monitoring. A distinctive four way flasher pattern is the alarm signal. An optional self powered Smart Siren Kit adds a piercing scream that sounds even if the battery cable is cut.
The Security System is armed and disarmed with a remote control waterproof key fob utilizing state-of-the-art rolling code technology. If the key fob is not available, the rider may arm or disarm the system by keying previously entered personal code on the tum signal switches. A flashing stats indicator informs the rider that the Security System is armed or disarmed.
When armed in the Transport Mode, the Security System disables the starter and ignition, but monitors only the electrical system, not vehicle motion. The vehicle may be moved but electrical tampering triggers an alarm.
An Extended Storage Mode keeps the battery from discharging when the Security System is armed for extended periods of time. The Security System is compatible with FL Touring models equipped with approved TLE/Ultra Sidecars when the system is configured as described in the SIDECAR OWNER'S MANUAL.
(not required for 2001-later model year vehicles)

Security System Installation Kit includes everything pictured.

Fits all '97-99 FL Touring  and Road King models. New obsolete part

New obsolete part.

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