Capsurz Hat Securing Cord
Capsurz Hat Securing Cord

Capsurz Hat Securing Cord


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Incognito. Tried and true.

Jet black glass beads on a fully adjustable super strong black cord. Patented stainless steel clips, designed for total comfort, adjust to fit any hat. You'll thank your Capsurz® when your hat is saved from that surprise gust of wind!

  • High grade stainless steel clips designed for total comfort and durability
  • UV-protected, colorfast, strong polyester woven paracord
  • Anti-slip adjustment mechanism for hands free hat protection in high winds
  • Clips to inside band on all hats
  • Transfers easily from hat to hat
  • Secures under chin and stows on brim: conveniently ready
  • Cord extends to 21.5” to allow for slack under your chin
  • Tested to 80 mph
  • 100% Guaranteed
  1. Attach stainless steel clips to the inside band on any hat. Move clips closer to the brim for more hold in strong winds. Capsurz® can easily be moved from hat to hat.
  2. Now put your hat on. To secure Capsurz® under your chin, use both hands to pull beads together to loosen, extending the length of the cords. Pull beads apart to tighten, shortening the length of the cords.
  3. Here’s how conveniently Capsurz® stows on your brim: with your hat on your head and using both hands, place the cord on your brim, hold a bead with each hand then pull the beads apart to tighten, shortening the length of the cords into the crook of the hat brim and crown. To move Capsurz® under your chin, using both hands, simply pull the beads together to extend the cords’ length.